Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Homework - Literature

Based on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde:

Name one character from this novel who has shown an appreciation of FRIENDSHIP. Give two examples of how this person has shown friendship to other characters.

DUE DATE 24 APRIL 2009 by 9 p.m. Please email me your answers. Thank you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Homework - Summary

Copy the passage below and write a summary of not more than 60 words.

More and more young people tend to be overweight nowadays. Obesity is a serious problem in Malaysia as well as other countries. Obesity affects not only our appearance but also our health.
People who are obese tend to suffer ill-health at a much earlier age. Many of them may develop disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These may lead to complications such as kidney disease and blurred vision.
Obesity is caused largely by our sedentary lifestyle. It occurs among people who do not have regular exercise. A human requires at least 40 minutes of daily exercise in any form. Jogging, brisk walking, swimming or cycling are excellent ways to keep our weight down.
Another cause of obesity is our lopsided diet. We are likely to be overweight if we eat too much meat, fat and carbohydrate. Fast foods are likely to be meat-heavy and will add to our weight. We should have a balanced diet with sufficient fish, vegetables and fruits in our meals.
The timing of our meals is also important. Heavy meals at night should be avoided. If you wish to have a heavy meal, you should eat before 6:00p.m. and do some light exercise after that. Never go to bed immediately after consuming a heavy meal.
Obesity is not a disease. It is not a permanent condition. We need no medical drugs to overcome it. What we need to overcome it is patience, self-discipline and determination. As the saying goes, "Where there is a will, there is a way."
Write a summary on the causes and effects of obesity.
DUE DATE IS 21 APRIL 2009. EMAIL YOUR SUMMARY TO puan.chris@yahoo.com by 9p.m. Put your name and "SUMMARY" in your email subject.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Assignment - Individual

This is an individual assignment which you have to do some research in order to complete it. The title is FOOD FACTS. You are required to :
  • Make a list of the food you eat on ONE particular day. List down the food during 3 meals.
  • Then write a commentary about the food you have listed. Write about how healthy the food is, and find out ON THE INTERNET approximately how many calories you have consumed based on the food list.
  • The whole assignment has to be printed in 2 pages. A copy is to be emailed to sriamanenglish@gmail.com with YOUR NAME (Class) & FOOD FACTS on the subject heading.
  • Deadline is 27 April 2009. The printout is to be handed in to your English teacher and the email must be sent to the email address above by 9pm 27 April 2009.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Enrichment exercise 1 for Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Please state if the following statements are true or false. Correct the statements that are false.

  1. Richard Enfield walked down a quiet street in the afternoon. (Chapter 1)
  2. A little man walking at a good pace trampled on a little girl.
  3. Dr Jekyll was a witness to the incident.
  4. Richard took an instant dislike to the little man.
  5. The little man's appearance was pleasant.
  6. The man said it was an accident that he bumped into Edie.
  7. Richard asked the man to pay 100 pounds to him and Edie.
  8. Edie's father was unhappy with the offer of only 100 pounds.
  9. The man preferred to pay up rather than face the authorities.

Give your impression of Richard Enfield based on Chapters 1 and 2. What kind of a person is he?


Answers to Rational Cloze 1

Here are the answers for those of you who want to check :
  1. taking / bringing
  2. for
  3. When
  4. put / placed
  5. when
  6. working
  7. the
  8. realize

If your teacher is unable to check for you, you can check on your own.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rational Cloze 1

Please fill in the blanks with 1 word answers. No options are given to you so you have to figure it out yourselves.

"Boys, we're going to Pulau Redang this school holidays," said Mr Chin to his pair of twin boys.
"Hooray! Papa is ________(1) us to Pulau Redang," shouted the two boys. They waited ________ (2) the day to come. _________(3) the school holidays arrived. They got up early, ________(4) their bags in the car and set off.

The two boys were enjoying themselves looking at the scenery __________(5) suddenly, there were screeching sounds. "Oh dear! The brakes are not _________(6). We need to get a mechanic," lamented Mr Chin.

"Papa, where can we get a mechanicat this hour of ________(7) day?" the two boys asked. Mr Chin looked at his wristwatch and only then did he ________(8) that it was past midnight. They had no choice but to put up a night in the car along a deserted road.

Please hand in your answers to your respective English teachers by the 13th February 2009.

Monday, February 2, 2009

First post - No homework yet

This is the instruction for the students who will access this blog for homework. Here are a few things to take note of :
  1. Once you have accessed this blog for your homework, please do what is required of you.
  2. If you are required to email your homework, please address it to sriamanenglish@gmail.com . Subtject : Attention to whichever teacher who is teaching you.
  3. If you are not required to email it, then hand in your work to your English teacher.
  4. Answers will occasionally be given in a later post for you to check your answers.

Do enjoy using this new method of getting your homework and do be patient if your teachers take some time to work things out also.

Pn Chris